Construction, Remodeling & Solar Panels.

Eco Planet Builders specializes in home construction from the ground up. EPB builds new homes and upgrades, remodels and redesigns existing homes. We offer pre-site interior and exterior construction and roofing services. Electrical services include solar power installations, main service panel electrical and re-wiring. EPB uses the latest in eco-friendly technology and building code. We also offer a diverse portfolio of financing options and tax incentives to help make your construction projects as cost effective as possible. 




On Time & Reliable Contracting

Eco Planet Builders offers prompt service and reliable contracting and construction employees and laborers.

Competitive Pricing

EPB offers competitive pricing, access to a diverse portfolio of financing options, and all applicable state and federal tax incentives.

Multiple Financing Options

Eco Planet Builders offers financing through YGrene, California First, Renew Financial, Hero Program and Pace Now.

Professional Work & Service

Eco Planet Builders offers high quality pre-site, new construction and existing construction remodeling services.

Design, Permitting & Construction

Eco Planet Builders handles all facets of your construction or remodeling project from the ground up, including design, plans, blueprints, permitting and finishing touches.

Quality & Eco-Friendly Construction

We use the latest technology and are passionate about low carbon footprint, eco-friendly construction. Ask about our solar installation services or energy efficient retrofits!

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